Status Certificate Request
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The Status Certificate is an extremely important document when an owner is contemplating the purchase or refinance of a condominium.  

In accordance with the Condominium Act, we offer two options for requesting your Status Certificate: 

Option 1:  Status Certificate Request

With a payment of $100.00, our office has 10 days to produce the Status Certificate package upon receipt of a written request and proof of payment in accordance with the requirements of the Condominium Act.

Option 2:  Rush Status Certificate Request: ( Some exceptions apply during Holidays please contact our office to confirm )

With a payment of $230.00, our office has 5 days to produce the Status Certificate package upon receipt of a written request and proof of payment. Requests received after 13:00 will be processed the next business day. Hence, the 5-day timeframe will begin the next business day for requests that are received after 13:00 each day upon payment.

Please be advised that we do not offer the RUSH Status Certificate service for the following corporations: P.C.C. 180, and P.C.C 303


Digital Status Certificate is available for both request options. 

Kindly fill out your e-mail address to receive your status certificate package.

Please note that you will only receive a digital copy. 

We have two payment options when requesting a Status Certificate. The payment options are as listed:


Option 1:

Payment can be made in the form of a certified cheque or money order delivered to head office with the request.  Certified cheques or money orders are to be made out to Maple Ridge Community Management Ltd. A scanned copy of the certified cheque or money order is sufficient to begin the process but the original copy will be required in order to release the status certificate.

Option 2:

Visa or MasterCard payment for status certificates (a $35.00 processing fee applies). Credit card payment must be received by the Status Department before processing your status certificate. Please fill out the attached credit card payment form together with your request form and return it to . The 5-day (for rush requests)/ 10-day (for normal requests) timeframe will begin when payment has been processed. VISA / MasterCard Debit Cards are not accepted.

At Maple Ridge Community Management we provide accurate certificates within the specified timelines. Upon receipt we ask that all purchasers take the time to thoroughly read the content of the certificate and become acquainted with the specifics of their new community.

You may request a Status Certificate by completing the forms below and bringing them to our Head Office, sending them via email to, or faxing the forms to 905-507-6722.


Click to download status Request Forms

*Please complete both pages, processing does not begin until payment has been received.