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Maple Ridge Community Management

At MRCM we never forget that the communities we manage are places people call home, and the service we have the honour of providing directly impacts their quality of life and the appreciation of their property values.

Maple Ridge Community Management has been proudly serving the condominium industry since 1984.

MRCM is ACMO 2000 certified and was also named the ACMO 2009 Corporate Member of the Year.

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Over the past 10 years my unit has undergone a significant number of changes and has required a great deal of maintenance and repair. Until now, I've felt that all of my requests, my deep concerns and my issues have been either taken lightly or not recognized at all. I felt swept under the carpet. Again, until now. I knew from the onset that my property manager was a gift from the property management world, I say this with the deepest sincerity, that's how disappointed I have been in the past.

When he stepped into the role as my property management contact last year, he immediately reached out to, made a point of inquiring as to what all of the issues were with the unit, stayed in constant contact and ensured all information was relayed properly and repairs were done in a timely manner.  I've struggled with the stress this unit has caused me over the years, and the stress of not having a solid point of contact within the property management sector. A contact who would understand my situation, a contact who would step up and get things done. My property manager has been this point of contact for me.

I truly cannot thank him enough for all of his help these past few months. He was able to do in 6 months what others took years to do...he helped me get things done, and that quality in a person - dedication and commitment - is truly invaluable. I'm so happy and feel very blessed to have him on my side. Thank you!