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Maple Ridge Community Management has been proudly serving the condominium industry since 1984.

MRCM is ACMO 2000 certified and was also named the ACMO 2009 Corporate Member of the Year.

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I would like to pay a compliment to one of your staff, who is always a pleasure to communicate with. Every time I see her, she is pleasant, friendly, and always willing to talk about and help with issues. 

She helped me in particular in getting a reimbursement cheque for an air conditioning issue my unit (and several units on my floor) had this past summer. She relentlessly pursued the company for the reimbursement of the maintenance visit cost incurred to my unit. 

She also helped me sort out a water leak issue I had from my unit when my refrigerator wasn’t functioning properly.  She handled the communication between the owners below, their repairs, and everything else - making it easy for me to go on with my daily activities. 

She is an extremely empathetic person - and helpful when things can be improved that she can take immediate action on, such as when I had a loud barking dog next door and she worked on this issue to communicate with the owners until a satisfactory resolution was found.

When a colleague of mine told me about an alternative internet service provider that is offered at cheaper rates with no disruption to unit owners (who don’t want their service), and who offer free phone lines to the admin offices and free wifi in common element areas such as our gym and party room, I let her know about it.  She told me exactly what to do to get this option communicated (and hopefully soon) approved by our board members. 

I’ve even emailed her on a weekend on few occasions, expecting to hear back from her the following Monday, only to be surprised when she answers the email on off-business hours.  Although an immediate reply isn’t expected, it is really appreciated when she does this - it shows me how dedicated she is to our wellbeing.

I thought I should let you know that she has my gratitude for the many tasks she handles so well, the knowledge and professionalism she brings to our community, and for her endless helping hand on many issues - It’s a pleasure to see her whenever we have the opportunity to.