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Maple Ridge Community Management has been proudly serving the condominium industry since 1984.

MRCM is ACMO 2000 certified and was also named the ACMO 2009 Corporate Member of the Year.

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I would just like to take this opportunity to convey my gratitude for all of the hard work our Property Manager  has done for myself and my family.

I recently had a flood in my suite and the support I received from her was beyond her call of duty.

Her great leadership skills were evident, as she calmly summoned all of the appropriate staff to contain the flood asap.  She assigned them all tasks needed in order to lessen any further damages to my suite and the rest of the building!

Once, she had the flood under control, she then started her documentation, had pictures taken of all of the damage.  Every detail was addressed!

Afterwards, as I was still in shock, she supported me tremendously with my insurance company and my own personal challenges.

She not only recognized my limitations but, also showed true empathy while doing all she could to support me with the decision making process.

I would also like to mention it is also quite evident she is highly respected by her staff. She is a true example of a Manager with an open door policy of which is extremely rare to see in any organization, although she maintains a much needed stance in order to be completely aware of any issues that arise within the building and the grounds.

Therefore, I would like to convey my upmost respect and appreciation for having her as our Property Manager. She is a tremendous asset to have in such a demanding management position. She not only is there in times of crisis, but also listens to feedback and follows up with any concerns expressed to her!

Her dedication to her team, MCRM and ultimately the residents is greatly appreciated!