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First, I must compliment you and your team on the many positive changes happening at our Corporation.

Not only are projects initiated (like reversing the entrance lanes) but they are completed in a timely manner with lots of email preparation for residents to know what is happening.

It was as if in the past we were standing still and now we are in a relay race to get projects scheduled and completed! Well done!!

I can only think that the wealth of experience our Property Manager has is paying off for us here.

We certainly appreciate your efforts.

The Building Manager presents a very warm and competent representative of Maple Ridge Community Management Ltd. He is a pleasure to work with regarding Green Team iniatives and anything else that I have presented to him.


It is also important that you know from my interactions with other residents in Building A that the mood is much more positive. People are smiling and laughing not griping about our sorry in the past.


Have a wonderful holiday weekend.