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Please accept my compliments for the speed in which your representative responded to my telephone message. Maple Ridge and your staff are doing a first rate job for our community and we appreciate your care.


I would like to take this opportunity to commend our Property Manager on her outstanding work at our community. Our Property Manager offers true professionalism, dedication and sincerity in representing the interests of our community.

She is attentive, understanding and applies her knowledge and property management skills in an efficient and timely manner with respect to owners, their interests and the well being of the community. This is a view that is echoed by many owners in our community…

I would like to congratulate Maple Ridge Community Management on having a truly valuable associate on their team. She exemplifies the values and customer service of Maple Ridge Community Management…


We are very grateful for the service provided by our Property Manager. As new purchasers we had some issues that required attention and she has been very timely and professional in her approach to these issues keeping us informed throughout the process.

We consider ourselves lucky to have Maple Ridge as our property management company.


I wanted to offer some feedback on the great service we have received over the past year from our Property Manager. Although there is still a lot of work to do in remediating accumulated issues from the past twenty years, we are finally beginning to see some progress with Maple Ridge in place. Our Property Manager has set goals for improvement. We look forward to maintaining a close working relationship with our Property Manager and all the team at Maple Ridge in the year ahead.


Our Property Manager is very approachable, has good follow-through and is knowledgeable concerning the operations of the condominium corporation. I think we have great Board meetings and your representative contributes to the success of them. We enjoy working with our Property Manager and the team at Maple Ridge Community Management.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts during the hours, weeks and months following the flood. This was a very difficult time for your residents and the way you worked tirelessly to normalize the situation was remarkable…My colleagues and I were very impressed by the way you stood on the front lines of this emergency and addressed every issue with a high level of patience and respect for everyone involved…Strong communication between you and the agencies involved, along with your excellent organizational skills resulted in a coordinated and organized effort to re-establish the services to the building. You and your team are commended for your ability to stay calm during a very stressful situation.

-Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services

I am a contractor who handles a number of your buildings. Your Property Manager is extremely organized, professional and a pleasure to work with. I wish all buildings we work with could have management like Maple Ridge.


It was a pleasure working with you and your team during my involvement with my property, and I wish you all the best.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and recognition for our Property Manager's fine performance.

As a former member of the Board of Directors, and as an owner in the building, I want to say that his work with our building has been outstanding and much appreciated.

His strengths include his prompt response time, high level of motivation, and ability to maintain a high level of professionalism, even when facing the most challenging of circumstances.

Please accept this as my thank you and recognition for his invaluable contribution to the management of this building and making it a better place for all. 


-Former Board Member

We love the people, security staff, and the management at our Property.  One person I like to call out in particular, is our Property Manager. I have had pleasure of meeting and speaking with her.  On every occasion I have had a wonderful interaction. She is very professional, polite, reliable and accessible.  I admire her dedication to her work and commitments.  We are all proud to have her as a manager of that caliber to manage our building.

Thank you


Thanks to our Property Manager who will give you a "run for your money" in terms of beating the performance level.

 This one is a keeper for MRCM!


Just a short note to compliment our Property Manager and to say thank you for her contributions.

She did a terrific job at the Annual General Meeting and I was pleased to see one of the owners compliment her and her team…which received a well-deserved round of applause.  Well done!



I am writing you to recognize the good work the current building  manager is doing at my building. Although he is new, he appears to be a most effective manager. He works hard to enforce the building’s bylaws and rules and has made a real effort to address this issue on an ongoing basis.


We just wanted to let you know how grateful we are for the General Manager's willingness to stand with us, and all our owners, and help us navigate our first real AGM.  

I was very nervous and appreciated that he was there to help us keep things on track and well focused.

His  support and guidance was critical and I just wanted to say, from my heart, thank you.

-Board Member

I wish to express my gratitude and delight regarding our recent dealings with our Property Manager. Ever since she assumed the desk in summer, she has displayed professionalism, accessibility and knowledge. As such, she recently assisted in organizing repairs to our storage unit as well as adding our contact details to the enterphone system. Thanks again!


We are extremely happy with our Property Manager and MRCM. She picks up her phone, is always polite and accommodating and gets the job done quickly. What more can we ask!

We wish you all the best for a happy, healthy holiday and a wonderful new year.


Good Afternoon “MRCM team”,

We are quite impressed with this new management, as things seem to shape up and you are all so professional with addressing our concerns.



To whom it may concern,

I would like to give compliment to our Property Manager on her outstanding performance on her job.

One reason is that whenever I bring up my concern, she is always approachable and helpful. She always listens and is here for the residents, the property manager whom residents can count on, the person that will never turn her back on us.

She displays a lot of personal integrity and enthusiasm by always being professional and taking responsibility for what she does. I can see she always has a smile on her face and interacts with people in a polite manner. She tries her best effort to solve any problem that brings to her attention.

She gives positive reinforcement to our building, residents and her team. She has done a lot for our building. She is definitely a valuable asset to our building and community.


We appreciate our Property Manager and the ongoing support and direction that she gives to our Board.  We hope that she may remain as our manager into the foreseeable future.

-Board President

I would just like to take this opportunity to convey my gratitude for all of the hard work our Property Manager  has done for myself and my family.

I recently had a flood in my suite and the support I received from her was beyond her call of duty.

Her great leadership skills were evident, as she calmly summoned all of the appropriate staff to contain the flood asap.  She assigned them all tasks needed in order to lessen any further damages to my suite and the rest of the building!

Once, she had the flood under control, she then started her documentation, had pictures taken of all of the damage.  Every detail was addressed!

Afterwards, as I was still in shock, she supported me tremendously with my insurance company and my own personal challenges.

She not only recognized my limitations but, also showed true empathy while doing all she could to support me with the decision making process.

I would also like to mention it is also quite evident she is highly respected by her staff. She is a true example of a Manager with an open door policy of which is extremely rare to see in any organization, although she maintains a much needed stance in order to be completely aware of any issues that arise within the building and the grounds.

Therefore, I would like to convey my upmost respect and appreciation for having her as our Property Manager. She is a tremendous asset to have in such a demanding management position. She not only is there in times of crisis, but also listens to feedback and follows up with any concerns expressed to her!

Her dedication to her team, MCRM and ultimately the residents is greatly appreciated!



My PropertyManager does his best at all times to deliver great customer service and I appreciate that he listens to and helps me with my problems.


The Board would like to offer our most sincere thanks to our Property Manager and Building Manager, for their outstanding efforts under extremely difficult circumstances in the special assessment collection process.

The Building Manager's patience, effort and success with residents in a difficult, emotionally-charged environment, speaks very well of the Property Management group, which we highly commend.

-Board Member

Responded promptly to my email and also followed up with a phone call. Very professional and responsive to my request for documents. Excellent service!


As always the quick response of our Property Manager continues to impress me. I hope MRCM knows how super efficient she is!

Have a super day and thank you again.


Very impressed that customer service got back to me so quickly.

Thank You.


I wanted to let you know officially that I am very impressed with the great job our Property Manager did at our meeting last Thursday. He was well prepared and handled what could have been more explosive situations in a professional manner. He looked handsome in his nice suit and spoke well with ease and confidence. Great job!


I had left my Property Manager a voice message regarding my parents' home and the problem they have had with their front door.

On behalf of my parents, they would like to express their gratitude and thanks for the prompt attention.  Workers came out and fixed the door, which is already a huge relief for them.  They wanted to make sure I send a thank you, as they really do appreciate having their door finally fixed.



I am a President of our Board. Our property manager has been with us for years and I am sorry that I didn't write earlier to express how pleased I am with her work - the way she approaches her duties and requests and how she treats condo members and all unit owners. She is always willing to help, professional, knowledgeable and kind. It is a pleasure having her on our team.


-Board President

It is with much pleasure that I wish to bring to your attention the outstanding customer service which I have received from our Property Manager from MRCM.

I found her to be extremely polite, personable, knowledgeable, helpful, courteous highly professional and very efficient.

She was able to address all of my questions and concerns without any difficulty whatsoever and ensured that everything was addressed to my satisfaction with a courtesy e-mail.

I could not be more pleased with the service which I received yesterday from your exceptional employee.

She is truly a value asset to your team at MRCM and an outstanding ambassador for a well-managed and highly successful company like MRCM.


Bravo! Keep up the good work.


Thank you for taking care of us properly.  One thing I notice is that there is an energy of peace within the complex which is so different.  Trust me when I say, there are no unkind words spoken.


I am a Board Member at my condominium buildings. I wanted to take a moment to bring to your attention that our property manager beyond words of excellence. Extremely meticulous, very prompt, efficient and gets the work done as requested and on time. I don’t have the words to express that his positive and CAN DO attitude is amazing. Wonderful person to work with and ever so efficient.

-Board Member

Thank you to our Property Manager for his efforts to get quotes and prepare them for our review in an effective format. I was very impressed and it certainly makes it clearer for our understanding especially when we have a large project with many components. All your hard work is very appreciated!


-Board Member

I would like to express my appreciation of our Property Manager's professional service.

I have lived in this location for almost a decade and had a number of property managers during that time.

Out of all the past managers, our current one is the best manager I have encountered.

From the day I moved into this building, there was an issue in my unit and it was never fully addressed in the past.  However, our current property manager addressed the issue and updated me with the progress along the way. I was so relieved to get someone who actually addressed the issue and it was fixed last fall. 

I feel very lucky to have her caring for the residents of the building and thank to her attentive and professional work.


Our Property Manager has been extremely helpful at our Corporation. Anything, no matter if it big or small she handles it very professionally, and FAST!

It’s great to have her in the building.


I am an owner at one of the properties MRCM manages and have been here going on 9 years now and have to say that ours is one of the best property managers we have had at this building.

She is quick to address any issues that come up, where a resolution actually happens and it's nice to know that indeed the problem will be dealt with in a swift and timely manner. 


Over the past 10 years my unit has undergone a significant number of changes and has required a great deal of maintenance and repair. Until now, I've felt that all of my requests, my deep concerns and my issues have been either taken lightly or not recognized at all. I felt swept under the carpet. Again, until now. I knew from the onset that my property manager was a gift from the property management world, I say this with the deepest sincerity, that's how disappointed I have been in the past.

When he stepped into the role as my property management contact last year, he immediately reached out to, made a point of inquiring as to what all of the issues were with the unit, stayed in constant contact and ensured all information was relayed properly and repairs were done in a timely manner.  I've struggled with the stress this unit has caused me over the years, and the stress of not having a solid point of contact within the property management sector. A contact who would understand my situation, a contact who would step up and get things done. My property manager has been this point of contact for me.

I truly cannot thank him enough for all of his help these past few months. He was able to do in 6 months what others took years to do...he helped me get things done, and that quality in a person - dedication and commitment - is truly invaluable. I'm so happy and feel very blessed to have him on my side. Thank you!



My property manager has amazing Customer Service skills and I am confident that she is loved in the community in which she works.  She had an issue with one of our owners, we talked, and resolved it the same day, and it was a very professional and courteous resolution.  I know that if other issues arise, that I can pick up the phone, knowing that she listens and reacts quickly and politely.


I would like to pay a compliment to one of your staff, who is always a pleasure to communicate with. Every time I see her, she is pleasant, friendly, and always willing to talk about and help with issues. 

She helped me in particular in getting a reimbursement cheque for an air conditioning issue my unit (and several units on my floor) had this past summer. She relentlessly pursued the company for the reimbursement of the maintenance visit cost incurred to my unit. 

She also helped me sort out a water leak issue I had from my unit when my refrigerator wasn’t functioning properly.  She handled the communication between the owners below, their repairs, and everything else - making it easy for me to go on with my daily activities. 

She is an extremely empathetic person - and helpful when things can be improved that she can take immediate action on, such as when I had a loud barking dog next door and she worked on this issue to communicate with the owners until a satisfactory resolution was found.

When a colleague of mine told me about an alternative internet service provider that is offered at cheaper rates with no disruption to unit owners (who don’t want their service), and who offer free phone lines to the admin offices and free wifi in common element areas such as our gym and party room, I let her know about it.  She told me exactly what to do to get this option communicated (and hopefully soon) approved by our board members. 

I’ve even emailed her on a weekend on few occasions, expecting to hear back from her the following Monday, only to be surprised when she answers the email on off-business hours.  Although an immediate reply isn’t expected, it is really appreciated when she does this - it shows me how dedicated she is to our wellbeing.

I thought I should let you know that she has my gratitude for the many tasks she handles so well, the knowledge and professionalism she brings to our community, and for her endless helping hand on many issues - It’s a pleasure to see her whenever we have the opportunity to.


I just wanted to pass along what a pleasure it has been when dealing with our Property Manager regarding any issues or requests I have contacted her about.  She is always professional,  courteous and efficient in her responses.  

I believe that you should be very proud to have a person of her calibre employed with your company. 

I look forward to any future dealings with her. 


Just wanted to let you know that our property manager does express in my view the best customer service that I have ever received from MRCM.

With her quick responds, friendly service and more so her over all response to any concerns that we may have, proves that she cares.

Thank you, Have a nice day



We use the gym regularly and are thrilled that the recreation area is nicely
coming together.  It looks so fresh.   We also have noticed changes in
cleanliness and the 'little' things being done (doors being kept clean,
mirrors, parking garage floor, the garbage chute, etc.)  Great job!  We are
happy what we are seeing here with your management team.
Glad to have you here.


Thank you for your time and keep up the great work.


I feel that our property manager has done everything by the book, and should be commended for the way he has been handling this concern.

We hired a management company so that situations such as this would be handled the proper way - that is - according to the bylaws. 

That is what he has done, well done!


I have to tell you how pleased I am with our property manager's quick response to our requests.  This is a great improvement.  Thanks very much.  


I am the current Treasurer and Secretary of our Corporation. Our Property Manager and Building Manager are doing a great a job in running our building: ensuring that rules are followed, responding to owners issues, executing requests demanded from the Board, and so forth.


Thank you all. What you do day in and day out is soooo appreciated although we (your residents) may not say it enough. You keep this building so brilliantly operational (maintained, etc etc) for us and it doesn't go unnoticed! Thank you and have a great rest of your week,



A sincere thanks to all, for working together so diligently in planning and organizing the meeting yesterday. I thought the turnout was quite good and it was nice to see residents interested in the safety of their homes and the community.  

Have a good day!


A quick note to share with you my experience dealing with one of your team members.

Having been in the hospitality industry for over 28 years in the senior management capacity, I can tell you that this team member is an asset to your organization. 

I thought you would like to know about the outstanding service being delivered by your team members...congratulations and thank you all.


-Sales Representative

It gives me great pleasure to write to you regarding our Property Manager.

First, I would like you to know that I have lived in a few condo's and was President of a Board for 8 years.

Of all of the various Property Managers that I encountered, I have yet to find one that is so knowledgeable, personable and one that takes immediate action, as our current one does.    

When she arrived, our building had many deficiencies and within a couple of months, she had all the work completed to everyone's satisfaction.

She then started work to freshen up the paint and woodwork in the Common Areas which pleased everyone, as it was long overdue.

It is a pleasure to live in this building knowing what ever happens it will always be taken care of immediately.

Kudos to our Property Manager and her Great Work Ethics.

-Board Member

I decided to write to you because I think hard working and nice people should be recognized and appreciated. 

I first met our Property Manager more than 2 years ago before we got the pool renovated. I was so frustrated with the situation and went to her office complaining about it. I clearly remember her respectful and understanding attitude when she patiently explained every single detail to me and reassured me. 

Since then in so many different occasions I realized how patient, responsive, hardworking, responsible and respectful she is toward all of residents in our building and due to her and her team's hard work so many good things happened in our building. 

Hereby, I wanted to thank her and you for providing such a nice environment in the building.



I just wanted to provide some feedback on our Building Administrator .

I am a new tenant who just moved into the building last month and have to say that it was a very smooth and seamless process due to the efficiency and professionalism of our Building Administrator. She is delightful to deal with and is always so helpful and prompt with all replies and responses to any enquiries I have.

 Having her as a main point of contact in the building I'm sure has provided a lot of positive experiences for the residents here. 


Thanks very much!


First, I must compliment you and your team on the many positive changes happening at our Corporation.

Not only are projects initiated (like reversing the entrance lanes) but they are completed in a timely manner with lots of email preparation for residents to know what is happening.

It was as if in the past we were standing still and now we are in a relay race to get projects scheduled and completed! Well done!!

I can only think that the wealth of experience our Property Manager has is paying off for us here.

We certainly appreciate your efforts.

The Building Manager presents a very warm and competent representative of Maple Ridge Community Management Ltd. He is a pleasure to work with regarding Green Team iniatives and anything else that I have presented to him.


It is also important that you know from my interactions with other residents in Building A that the mood is much more positive. People are smiling and laughing not griping about our sorry in the past.


Have a wonderful holiday weekend.


I just wanted to say how appreciative I am of our Property Manager's desire to help us residents the best she can. She listens, understands the situation and then actions it, to a satisfactory solution.

This is not the first time she has been helpful, so it is time to let you know how great her performance is. Thank you much!


I always contact our Property Manager for stuff, favours, complaints, this that and the other, but just wanted to email to say Thank you today.  She is an invaluable person here at the Corporation and really appreciate all that she does and how amazing she is.  Thanks for all.  Have a wonderful weekend.  She is truly special!


The Board thanks Maple Ridge and, especially, our Property Manager, whose sound advice we used to bring our Corporation's budgets back on track. His commitment to the welfare of our corporation is solid. His responsiveness to inquiries from residents is appreciated.


Just a quick note of appreciation for the impeccable service our Property Manager has offered in her capacity as Property Manager at our building. She spends long hours looking after the affairs of our condo and goes out of her way to offer her assistance whenever help is needed.


On behalf of our Board, I’d like to let you know that our Client Relations Manager does an outstanding job. 

-Board Member

Good afternoon – I am writing to let you know how much I have appreciated your customer service representative assistance recently. 

I contacted MCRM to report some water damage originating from a structural problem with my upstairs balcony.  The customer service representative that took my call immediately had a plumber sent to my property to confirm the root cause of the problem.  Upon receipt of the report, she then arranged for AAA Roofmasters to come out and see exactly what was going on. 

She has been very helpful.  She has responded to my calls and emails in a timely and professional manner.  I am quite satisfied with her, and thankful that she has been doing her very best to try and get this resolved. 


She deserves credit for doing her job as a customer service representative!


Thank you for taking the time to personally attend to this matter – we really appreciate it.  We also acknowledge that it is never easy to undertake such decisions, especially in an industry, such as yours, where qualified staff are in demand. We also know that we're not the largest building, however, the attention that we receive from the Property Manager and your team makes us feel like a giant. -Board of Director