About Us - Maple Ridge Community Management Ltd
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Upon appointing Maple Ridge Community Management our transition team will make every effort to ensure a seamless transition from the previous management company.

Once advised of our appointment our transition professionals will begin the process and this includes our preparation of the letter notifying the previous manager of the Board’s decision. We will then work directly to coordinate the timely transfer of all records to ensure a smooth transition. There will be minimal to no Board involvement required in the process once the decision to appoint MRCM has been made.

Upon our commencement a letter of introduction to all residents provides an instant point of contact and our extensive experience equips us to assume responsibility quickly, effectively and with minimal disruption to the community.

Maple Ridge Community Management has extensive experience with newly constructed and long established communities. We have managed over 40 new corporations through the initial challenges of occupancy, start up and developer turnover. We have successfully negotiated on their behalf with both TARION and the Developer. We have assisted with the Performance Audit and Reserve Fund Planning, establishing the future fiscal requirements for the corporation.

In addition, we proudly manage community’s that range in age from newly constructed to those constructed in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, many of which have required extensive restoration and repair. We have worked with the industry’s leading engineers and contractors on everything from restoring underground garages to replacing roofs and addressing all building components in between. We have experience with the replacement of balconies, windows, boilers, garage ramps and systems, extensive brick replacement and pointing, cladding and siding replacement. We have participated in retrofits, initiated energy conservation studies and measures, worked with designers, consultants and financial planners as situations required. We are well experienced in the complexities of major building renovations and refurbishments of all types.

Upon appointment, we will assess the records received from our predecessors and complete a comprehensive inventory. We will, in turn, report to the Board the records received, and establish an official inventory record.

Most importantly, with the appointment of Maple Ridge, the Board and residents alike will benefit from the immediate positive change we will bring to your community.